Can HOAs prohibit political signs?

Editor’s note: this week’s column was written by my law partner, Keith Nichols, whose practice is focused primarily on litigation. As we enter another election season, let’s tackle a frequently asked question: Can HOAs prohibit the posting of political signs? The answer: It depends. In North Carolina, a prohibition on political signage in a planned […]

Should condominiums seek HUD qualification?

Editor’s note: this week’s guest columnist is Eric Boucher, a consultant who specializes in assisting condominiums in navigating the FHA and VA mortgage approval process. His website is and he can be reached at   The Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, is a mortgage loan insurance provider. FHA is housed with The Department of Housing […]

When HOA boards behave badly

Q: Your June 7 column addressed the rights of the HOA board or the board members when they believe an association member’s conduct is bothersome. What about the converse – where an HOA board acts contrary to the clear mandate of the HOA association members? Or when the board operates with a complete lack of […]