Can HOA board members profit from insider deals? How do we deal with secretive HOA boards?

Q: The president of our homeowners’ association tells us it’s illegal to disclose names of owners who are delinquent in payment of assessments. Is this correct? He and others have profited from their knowledge of delinquencies by buying lots for low prices without notice to other HOA members who might buy them. A: The answer to the […]

The clock can run out on HOAs’ ability to sue for defective work

Note: This is part two in a two-part series about condominium and HOA construction defects by my colleague Gregory L. Shelton, who practices construction law at Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes, P.A. This first part covered common defects and their consequences. Now Greg explains how legal time limits can prevent the association or its owners from suing the parties […]

4th Circuit Court of Appeals rules that property management company is not subject to the FDCPA

A June 3, 2014 ruling from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes North Carolina) is good news for HOA property management companies.  The case arose out of a federal lawsuit  in Maryland filed by a homeowner against her HOA, its property management company and its president and manager, for alleged violations of the […]