Mike Hunter to speak at community forum on HOAs sponsored by WFAE public radio

From WFAE’s website, which can be found here:  http://events.publicbroadcasting.net/wfae/events.eventsmain?action=showEvent&eventID=1471554 “Thousands of Charlotte-area residents live in neighborhoods that have a local Homeowner Association. HOAs are often praised for keeping communities cleaner, safer and more livable. But some homeowners complain that HOA boards can be too rigid and arbitrary in enforcing covenants and restrictions, infringing on homeowners’ […]

When can an HOA fine homeowners?

Q:  Can a homeowners’ association (HOA) develop a “policy” to levy fines against homeowners for various violations of rules that are not a part of the covenants? If such a policy is developed and implemented, don’t the homeowners have to vote to amend the covenants? A: Your question has two parts: (1) Does the HOA board […]

Does HOA board member have right to employee handbook? Are we required to provide information to be published in our neighborhood directory?

Q: I am a recently-elected member of our HOA board of directors. Our community has about 1,500 homes and a staff of approximately 50 full-time and seasonal employees. I recently requested a copy of the HOA’s employee handbook so that I might be conversant with its contents, but I was rebuffed by the general manager who […]