What should be included in HOA board minutes?

Publisher’s note:  this week’s column is answered by Jim Slaughter, an attorney with Rossabi Black Slaughter, P.A.   Mr. Slaughter is a certified professional parliamentarian and a professional registered parliamentarian; http://www.jimslaughter.com. Q. What should be included in the minutes of a board meeting? Does every item on the agenda have to be addressed in the […]

I thought my eyes were deceiving me but that really was my neighbor walking a miniature horse! What’s next, a pig?

Many governing documents prohibit owners from having anything other than household pets; typically dogs and cats. These same documents typically expressly prohibit owners from maintaining livestock. Despite these provisions, under the law an HOA needs to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. A person is disabled if he/she has a physical or mental impairment […]