Legislative Changes in North Carolina

The North Carolina legislature recently passed some new laws that will impact homeowners associations (HOAs). Below is a short summary of three of the laws that will become effective this year. Voluntary mediation House Bill 278 became effective July 1. This bill provides for voluntary mediation of disputes between an owner and the HOA in […]

Is homeowner liable for assessments after Chapter 7 bankruptcy and abandonment of home?

My colleagues at the Raleigh firm of Jordan Price Wall Gray Jones & Carlton, well-known for their HOA expertise, published an article on a case they handled involving a common bankruptcy issue: when a homeowner files Chapter 7 and moves out of the home, indicating in their bankruptcy petition that they are surrendering the home back to […]

Are membership lists public?

Q: Our HOA has never made public the names and addresses for its members. Are we bound by North Carolina law to make this information available to all members of the HOA? There is nothing in our covenants or bylaws that addresses this issue, and we have a member who is requesting the membership roster. […]